Australia: Visa-free travel for Filipinos ‘a hoax’

MANILA, Philippines – The Australian embassy in the Philippines warned against a fake news article that says Filipinos can travel visa-free to Australia starting January 2017.

“The Embassy is aware of a hoax/scam suggesting that visa-free options for Filipino nationals will be available from January 2017,” the embassy said on its Facebook page on Monday, November 7.

“This is a scam, and potential travelers to Australia must have a valid Australian visa,” the embassy added.

Australian Immigration

“Australia maintains a universal visa regime. This means Filipino passport holders must have a visa, as a result of a visa application, regardless of the length of travel,” it explained.

The Australian embassy then advised travelers to visit their website to know how to apply for a visa.

The warning comes as fake news websites abound, creating misinformation among netizens.

One of these,, which mimics news outlet CNN, published a story with the headline, “BREAKING NEWS: Australia Announces Visa-Free for Filipino Ordinary Passport Holders.”

Article Source: rappler


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