Australian Student Visa

Like other countries of the world, Australian government issues student visa to the students belonging to different countries of the world who want to study in Australian institutions. There are different rules and regulations which one has to follow while applying for student visa or during stay in Australia. There are some different sub-classes of study visa for Australia.

1.  Student Visa

This visa is for those who want to stay in Australia in order to get full-time education in a recognized educational institution. This requires that the applicant must have applied for studies and been accepted admission in any recognized educational institution in Australia. In case the student is under 18 years of age, he/she must have organized arrangements for accommodation, fees payment and other expenses during his/her stay in Australia. Depending upon the duration of course, the visa usually lasts till one or two months after the course completion.

2.  Student Guardian Visa

This visa is granted to those people who want to accompany a student under 18 years of age to take care and provide support. Only a guardian like real parents or relative above 21 years of age or other person who possesses legal custody of the student. The guardian must also be able to provide accommodation, other expenses, welfare and other support. Generally, this visa is only issued if the student is less than 18 years of age. But, under special circumstances, the guardian of a student older than 18 years can also get this visa. The duration of this visa is same as that of the student visa or until the student turns 18.

Australian Student Immigraiton

3.  Training and Research Visa

The third sub class of study visa is for those people who are occupational trainee, professional manager or government official or professional academic researcher. The Training and Research visa allows the people to take part in some training related to their occupation, field of study or field of expertise. Visa holders can also participate in professional trainings and research projects only if they have got invitation.

Visa Application Charges

Cost of student visa changes from time to time and depends upon many factors. Both student visa and student guardian visa cost same. Whereas, the training and research visas are cheaper than former ones.

Immigraiton to Australia

Things to Keep in Mind

While applying for Australian student visa, the applicant should be very careful about all the rules and regulations. Visit the Australian government website to know the complete details, online application, eligibility criteria, visa requirements etc. Pakistani students can apply for all three types of study visa. Australian government issues Australian student visa for Pakistani students if they fulfill the visa requirements, eligibility criteria etc. Before Australian immigration, the students should have the required proficiency in English, so, student visa for Pakistani student will only be issued if he/she passes the standard English test required for visa. All the people after immigration to Australia must follow the rules and regulations of the country to ensure safe and sound stay in the country.


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