Sarah Hanson-Young Only Interested in Publicity, Says Immigration Minister Peter Dutton

IMMIGRATION Minister Peter Dutton has launched a stinging attack on Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, claiming she’s only interested in self-promotion.

Responding to reports Senator Hanson-Young was denied a visa to visit Nauru, Mr Dutton said he was not surprised authorities on the island nation “did not want to deal with her”.

“What Sarah Hanson-Young is about is publicity,” he told 2GB.

“She loves the camera and she loves to see her own name in the paper.

“That’s the start and finish of Sarah Hanson-Young. That’s what she’s about and I’m not going to add to her publicity.”


Mr Dutton said he did not issue visas for Nauru and any suggestion he had influenced the decision to deny Senator Hanson-Young access was “childish”.

“We decide who comes to this country and Nauru obviously does the same of their country,” he said.

“Sarah Hanson-Young spends her time running around bagging the hell out of Nauru.

“She can make her own judgments about how she treats people and how they treat her in return.”

In the interview with radio broadcaster Ray Hadley, Mr Dutton replied to Mr Hadley’s suggestion he give Senator Hanson-Young a “one-way visa” to Nauru by asking: “would you want to inflict that on anyone?”

Senator Hanson-Young responded to Mr Dutton’s remarks and said; “Peter Dutton can attack and insult me as much as he likes, but nothing will change the fact that my work has revealed systemic child abuse and the rape of young women on Nauru under his watch.”

Fairfax reported yesterday Senator Hanson-Young, the Green’s immigration policy spokeswoman, had been blocked from visiting Nauru — home of an offshore processing centre for asylum seekers hoping to come to Australia.


The Immigration Minister also took a swing at public broadcaster the ABC in the wideranging interview, when asked about a proposed sponsorship deal for its international media service.

“There is no move to commercialise or run ads on the ABC (domestically),” he said.

“But if they could, at an editorial level, deal with some of the lefties that are basically advocates before they are journalists that would be a pretty good outcome.”

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