Good News! Job Opportunities in Australia on the Rise

Have you completed your graduation, but still waiting for a job offer? Are you fed up of applying to jobs in Pakistan while not receiving any serious response? Well, then you better migrate to Australia! A lot of Job Opportunities in Australia are waiting for you!

According to the latest survey, a rapid increase in the job opportunities has seen in Australia. Similar to the job boosts in Canada, Australia is also showing some serious increase in employment potential.

Australian Bureau Of Statistics has reported that a record number of people employed in Australia, which is 11.94 million. If you are trying to get Australian immigration, then, of course, this is a great news for you. Obviously, it is a great satisfaction that you won’t be competing with a lot of people in Australia while searching your first job. This gives you an idea about available Job Opportunities in Australia, let’s keep reading and see the numbers!

Apart from current records, the jobs in Australia is expected to rise a lot more because of possible changes in job employment policies. According to the famous Sydney Morning Herald, 40% of the people who migrated to Australia after 2010 and had tertiary qualifications also have a job.

A lot of Job Opportunities in Australia

Australia job opportunities

An immigration specialist from the University of Melbourne, Lesleyanne Hawthorne talk in an interview about the Job Opportunities in Australia:

When you compare the skilled Canadian immigration and skilled Australian Immigraion, 60% of the skilled migrants got their jobs within six months of their arrival.

Since Australia has made few changes in their policies, 83% percent of the Australian Skilled migrants getting their jobs within six months while Canada is standing at the very similar place.

When you look at the state-wise data, you notice a significant growth. South Australia and Victoria has reported an increase of 4,500 and 24,000 employees respectively.

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The Australian Bureau Of statistics has revealed the unemployment rate in Australia, which is only 5%. The job increase has been noticed because of thousands of the students who are moving abroad for higher studies. Australia also noticed an increase in Student Visa and Australian Immigration.

The employment growth rate of Australia is at its peak at the moment, with most of the analysts believe that it is going to increase more in the coming months because of the outstanding government policies. Don’t Wait! There are a lot of Job Opportunities in Australia!

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