Sonia Kruger Calls for End to Muslim Migration in Australia

The Australian TV presenter and host Sonia Kruger calls for a ban on Australian immigration for Muslims. Kruger said this while discussing the massacre in French city Nice. She said that she agrees with Andrew Bolt’s statement that the more the Muslims in an area, the more the danger of terrorist attacks.

She said that Bolt has a point and she too wants to stop Muslim migration in Australia. Kruger hosts two TV shows on Australian TV Channel Nine. She expressed her views on her TV show.

She also used the social platform and tweeted that she feels insecure as a mother and Muslims therefore should be banned for some time to ensure security for their kids. She further said that Australia is a democratic country and she should be given the freedom of speech.


#Asamother became the new trend on twitter. Many people labelled Kruger as racist. The famous comedian and TV presenter Charles Pickering tweeted that Kruger should provide a list of what else she needs as a mother. It would be a great help for us.

Further, people tweeted that as a mother one should not teach their children to hate other children or racism or hatred or fear of people.

While many people back lashed Kruger for her comments, a significant others supported her. They considered it as freedom of speech and agreed with her viewpoint.

Sarah Hanson Young

Senator Sarah Hanson Young said that it is best not to use children as an excuse for our own ignorance or intolerance.

Lydia Shelly tweeted that all of us are afraid of terrorism and terrorist attack but that’s not an excuse to turn racist. Banning Australian immigration for Muslims is not the solution to this problem.

Australian immigration policy is quite strict. It is based on points system.

PM Malcolm Turnbull said that Australian immigration policy is indiscriminate and there will be no change in it.

The opposition party in Australia, One Nation Party’s senator Paula Hanson said that Kruger is doing a great job at least someone is taking the initiative and talking about the matter.


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