Australian Immigration Styled Points System Could Boost Britain’s System by £7.7 Billion Over Next 40 Years

Britain wants to slash the migrant numbers so it can reduce the pressure on the economy and generate for pensions. This can be achieved through a system like Australian immigration points calculator.

In a study, the above suggestion was highlighted. The study focuses on a system like Australian skilled immigration. This will reduce the number of migrants in Britain. The study was conducted by National Institute of Economic and Social Research.

The study further reveals that an Australian styled immigration system will cut the net migrants by 100,000 every year. What’s more surprising is that it will not affect the country’s public finance.

Australian public finance

The debate on the immigration requirements as that of Australia included following points:

  • Mr Gove proposed leaving EU will cut the annual migrations from 333,000 to below 100,000.
  • Mr Johnson demands the PM to believe in the power of British people.
  • Mr Cameron will be holding a TV debate where he’ll answer the questions rising from the studio audience.
  • Priti Patel, the employment minister, proposed an alternative agenda as given by Brexiteers.
  • Liam Fox, former defence secretary wants a check on immigration process to avoid the concretion of new housing in Britain’s countryside.

The study further revealed that the government can save £7.7 billion every year. The adoption of a system like skilled Australian immigration will enjoy a £5.5billion surplus by 2057.

An occupation list of the required skills like Australian immigration skilled occupation list 2015 will let you staff highly qualified immigrants as a result of points based system.


Mathew Eliot is the chief executive of Vote Leave Campaign. He appreciated the study and said that it is great news for pensioners. He said that controlled immigration system along with voting to leave will result in the favour of the country.

However, PM David Cameron suggested otherwise. He said that immigration requirements for Australia and Britain can’t be same since Australia invites comparatively large number of immigrants every year.

Australia though has a strict check on whom to allow in the country, yet it has thousands of vacancies for skilled workers in different fields. Therefore, it lets a number of immigrants in the country every year. Britain cannot afford it. Therefore Australian approach cannot be adopted by Britain.

Dr. Fox said that if Britain remains a part of EU, and the rate of immigration remains the same, then Britain will face the threat of dismissal of home ownership. Also the pressure on schools and hospitals will be great. The masses of migrants moving to Britain will badly influence the young in the coming years if situation remains the same.

Not only this, but the environment will be badly affected as more and more forests will be cut to make space for building new homes for the increasing population.

On the matter of migration to Australia, immigration consultants say that there’s a huge support for Australian immigration for Pakistani, Chinese and Indian skilled workers by the Australian government. The processing time, however, depends on the visa category you apply against.


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