All About Australian Immigration

Australia is the 6th largest country in the world according to area. It has population of 7.69 million square kilometers. Many people who live overseas are trying to get Australian immigration because of its massive advantages. Let’s take a look below and know more about it.

Study in Australia

Students also like to study in Australia and get their degree from Australia. There are thousands of courses which Australian educational institutes offer to students. Australian school search can help the foreign students to search the school which is perfect for them. They can get the full guide from beginning to end of their education. These are the main reasons for which students prefer Australian immigration.

Immigration to Australia from Pakistan

If someone live in Pakistan and wants to settle overseas like in Australia. Then they must know about the visa and Australian Immigration. You should must pass the points test and also need to fulfill their requirements for immigrating to Australia.
Requirements for Australian Immigration:-

The people who want to Immigrate Australia, they must have the given below requirements:-

  • Person must be under 50 years of age for Australian immigration.
  • Person must know English language to live in Australia.
  • Person must have good character because his character will be assessed there.
  • The occupation in which person is involved for some time must be present in Skilled Occupation List for Australian Immigration.
  • Person should be healthy and fit as there would also be the medical examination.

Point Calculator for Australian Immigration

Point calculator is very important for people who want to go Australia. For immigration to Australia, you will be asked some question about your skills and occupation. The answer of these questions offers you an opportunity to win points. You should need to try to win more points as you can.

Australian Immigration

Processing Time for Immigration

There is no fixed processing time for Australian immigration. If you apply for visa as a visitor then processing time will be about 1 working day to one month. If you apply for working holiday visa its processing time will be about 2-3 weeks. If you apply for work and holiday visa then its processing time must be 1-2 weeks.

Australian Immigration Consultants

Person who wants to settle in Australia must contact ISAS or other consultants to get information about Immigration to Australia. In 1998, Zarnab international entered the Australian immigration consultancy in Lahore. It has 100% success rate in Australian immigration consultancy services in Lahore.


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